Our firm

Our firm

In addition to engineering design and manufacturing, our company has decades of professional experience in making containers in 20' (ISO 10) size and other dimensions.

Our containers may be fitted to house common rooms, welfare blocks, kitchens, offices and workshops and a variety of technological installations such as water treatment units and boilers. Containers approved by TÜV may be used for storing hazardous materials.

The containers are designed for transportation by rail, road and sea and can be easily assembled into larger units. Customers may order tailor made internal design, fixtures and fittings.

In response to present day and future requirements, we also develop and make devices and equipment for collecting, storing and treating hazardous and other waste.

Wall mounted box for collecting waste batteries.
Rolling frames and handbarrows for collecting waste encased in bags or boxes.
Open and closed containers suitable for collection and storage, in sizes ranging from 0,5 m3 to 50 m3, with optional waste compacting unit.
ADR certified closed containers for transporting hazardous liquids.
Waste separation grills, cutting and compacting units.
Burners, heat exchangers and flue gas treatment units for hazardous waste incineration.

We operate under the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.