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Our products

Office and residential containers

Office and residential containers
Office and residential containers
Office and residential containers
Office and residential containers
We make containers in any sizes
Main dimensionsSize 10Size 20
Max. length2991mm6058mm
Max. width2438mm2438mm
Max. height2591mm2591mm


The framework of the containers is a cold-shaped welded steel structure. The outer surface of the walls is mádé of corrugated steel plates of a thickness of 1.5 mm. The steel structure comes painted with light and weather resistant multilayer paint. The sizes of the joint elements of the containers are compliant with the ISO standards, thus facilitating lifting, moving, fixing and connecting.


As per the customer's request, thermal insulation may be ISDLYT insulator wool or THERWOOLIN glass wool. Standard thickness is 60 mm, which can be increased át request. Internál covering is normally 12 mm thick washable laminated chipboard or "CK" sheet, painted.


Standard flooring is 20 mm thick compregnated wood with PVC covering. Deal and corrugated steel sheets may alsó be used fór flooring if requested. Floor load capacity is normally 300 kg/mg, bút it can be increased if needed.


220 Volt, built-in connector, fuse and switches. 380/220 V is alsó available át request. Standard system includes two light sources and 2 connectors, one of which with a 2000 W capacity fór electric heating.The container is tó be earthed át the site of the installation.


One front door ön the shorter side, size 1000 x 2000 mm. Two windows ön the opposite wall, one can be opened, the other is fixed. Size: 900 x 1200 mm each. Thermoplán double glassing. Made of plastic.


On the basis of the standard version above, facilities with plastic floor and fitted carpet, furniture, heating, kitchen or sanitary units (toilet, shower, washbasin or any combination] and air-conditioning are also available or can be ordered.


Office, special unit, kitchen, storeroom, sickbay, generátor or transformer room, labourer accommodation, housing various technological devices, etc.


On lorry, by railway or ship

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