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Warehouse and hazardous waste storage container

Warehouse and hazardous waste storage container
Warehouse and hazardous waste storage container
Warehouse and hazardous waste storage container


Installable containers for general storage of structural steel and storage of hazardous materials, waste in commercial or transport packaging.

Structural design

The containers are assembled and finished by mixed water-tight gas metal welding.

Frame section: cold bent, welded, 3mm thick steel profiles. Steel grade: S235J

Floor: cold-bent, transverse and longitudinal supports made of 3 or 4 mm thick U-profile, 3-4 mm ribbed steel sheet, 12 mm layered wooden floor if required.

Roof: 1.5 mm thick, self-supporting, cross-pressed plates. Deep press height 11 mm.

Corner columns: cold bent, 3mm thick steel profiles.

Side walls: corrugated, 1.5 mm thick steel plates. Wave height: 28 mm. Ventilation opening diagonally in two spaces per side.

Doors: double-leaf doors, lockable from the outside.

10': 1 locking bar

20': 2 locking bars

The standard sizes of the containers are as follows (we can also manufacture the containers in individual sizes on request):

Main dimensions10'20'
Outer length2991mm6058mm
Outer width2438mm2438mm
Outer height2591mm2591mm
Door width2316mm2316mm
Door height2280mm2280mm


- additional door security system

- in addition, only one rod in the case of internal locking

Container corner: dimensions according to ISO standard, welded, 6 mm thick plate. Steel grade: S235J

Painting: physically drying, weather, abrasion and chemical resistant, suitable for iron and other metal bases, PVC based paint. 80-100µ painting thickness. The color can be chosen according to your needs.

Container with TÜV, ADR and fire test report, mainly for storage of hazardous materials and waste in commercial or transport packaging.

The container is closed with solid walls, double-leafed door opening at one end. The lower part forms a rescue tray suitable for catching liquid, from which any liquid which may collect can be drained through a spout closed by a tap located on the side of the container. The removable rescue floor is covered with a galvanized walkway.

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